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Quality Assurance Visit

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Past Quality Assurance Visits

All visit reports are shared two ways. 
  • Both you and the instructor will receive an email with the results.  The instructor will receive the report to the email address entered at the beginning of the QAV 
  • The reports are also saved on the database for later review.  You can view the responses or download them to your computer. 

Step 1

After clicking on the button above you will see a list of past QAV reports.  On the right side of the screen you will find a column titled “Details”  click on the blue view link. As you do more and more visits it will be harder to look up past instructors so there is a filter feature available.  

Step 2

After clicking on the button view button a new window will pop up. Towards the top of the window you will find the summary details of the QAV and just below that you will find three blue links.  If you click on Snapshot it will show you all of the questions, results & comments.   Clicking on Download will let you view, share or print it.