Motorcycle Instructor Training

Available Courses

Motorcycle training
for 2 & 3 wheel motorcycles

Motorcycle Instructor Training offers a wide range of courses that will enable new, intermediate and experienced riders to unlock their full potential. 

Teach, Inspire, Guide & Coach

Teach new and returning Motorcycle Riders

2 Wheel Motorcycle

The KickStart focus is to give the rider the basic skills of moving and stopping the motorcycle in a straight line with SMOOTH CONTROLS OPERATION and BALANCE. Both safety and fun are quite important in this class, as is the fact that the pace is slow enough to give everyone plenty of time to ask questions and receive clear answers.

Basic Motorcycle Course:
2 Wheel Permit

Introductory course designed for the true novice and introduces the basics of motorcycle controls and operation in a low stress environment.

Learn to Ride: Permit

The LTR curriculum is not like any you have taught before therefore it is important that you fully understand adult learning theory and experiential learning.

Learn to Ride: Refresher

The Learn to Ride Refresher is simply a composition of LTR activities that provide a warm up, skills
practice/review and time to gain proficiency. 

3 Wheel Motorcycles

Teach new riders or riders new to riding 3-wheel motorcycles. This course will progress from basic riding skills to street strategies.