7.5 De-Briefing Video Submission

Typically, the Advisor because of poor quality rejects the first videos  

submitted for evaluation. To avoid having to redo the videos follow  the guidelines below.

1. The video should be less than 3 to 4 mins long and accomplished with any smartphone.

2. The voice of the presenter must be loud enough to evaluate.

3. Ensure the face of the presenter is in the video when the presenter is speaking.

4. The other Instructor on the parking lot records, do not use a mount.

5. Videotape in horizontal format.

6. The main light source needs to be behind the camera shining on you.

7. Start the video recording 5 seconds before speaking and turn the video recording off 3 to 5 seconds after the speaking stops.

8. Do not zoom or quick panning/camera movements. Use a wide- angle, steady the shot, and frame it like a picture.

9. Have a fully charged smartphone before you begin.


Note: A charge will occur if a third resubmission of videos is required because of the  lack of quality in the video

7.5 De-briefing Video Submission

Congratulations on completing one of your briefs!

I hope you had fun doing it.

Please complete the information requested below.

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